In order to protect your mobile home, it is imperative to prepare fully for freezing temperatures and that all water systems are drained in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.  This needs to be carried out in a competent manner so as to avoid unnecessary and sometimes fatal damage to your prized possession.
As a minimum, once the water supply has been disconnected, you must ensure that you have carried out the following;

 All drainage plugs, inside and out of the unit have been located and opened
 All taps are drained including the shower and left open
The toilet has to be fully drained
The pipework needs to be blown through
All heaters must be drained
Any obstructions to pipes/plugs must be removed
The gas needs to be switched off and isolated
Remove the battery for storage unless it is left on a mains hook up 

Many manufacturers recommend that you employ the services of a qualified engineer and as such we are able to offer a competitive price for this service so that you have peace of mind that your mobile home, be that caravan, motorhome or folding camper, is fully prepared for the winter months.

Please contact us for relevant prices 
We also offer a 10% discount on our winterisation price for our existing clients.



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